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Physical training

Yoga teacher training

A significant part of the 200 Hour Teacher Training | Pure Yoga NY is physical preparation. Most programs include some type of gentle body weight exercises (like backbends) as well as strength trainings Exercise modes can vary by country, but cardio activities such as running, swimming, and walking are commonly found.

Many teachers claim that daily exercise enhances your practice. Yoga Instructor Certification is true to an extent, however, you will need to make sure you are practicing regularly before advanced courses.

Asheville Yoga Center | Yoga Classes | 200 and 300 RYT Teacher Training Practice makes progress--this is why many people feel it is important to start exercising every day. People say that you don’t really become aware of how much effort exercise takes until you haven’t been doing Yoga Teacher Training for awhile.

When you stop doing any form of regular activity, our bodies adapt to the lack of stress. You no longer require the same resources to function optimally; in other words, you have “adapted” to the behavior. It is similar to when you go to a foreign country. You always have to do some amount of exercise to keep yourself healthy, but now you have an excuse not to!

Philosophy of yoga

Yoga teacher training

Any practice Yoga Teacher Training | employeewellness  that has such a profound impact on your life can only be good for you. One thing I’ve learned throughout my travels is to look within yourself for wisdom, knowledge, and understanding. You will learn this lesson more powerfully in life than any other because this is what brings you peace.

Practicing yoga Events Archive | Yin Yoga helps you become aware of your surroundings while also having an effect on your body. It helps make you stronger and more flexible. Both of these things lead to an overall sense of well-being.

As we know, health and happiness are closely linked. So if you have not found something that works for you, then keep looking into it but so far, everything I have mentioned has been true for you.

Yoga provides a way to enjoy yourself and still get some practical benefits along with it. If you're willing to put effort into finding ways to improve your mind and body, there's no reason why you shouldn't work out and try them.

There are many variations of yoga practices as well as different branches of philosophy of yoga. Each version is unique and designed to meet the needs of those who practice them.

Stay true to the style of yoga that you choose and stick with it; don’t worry about “rules” or requirements – find a class that feels right to you. And do all of the above and feel free to go at your own pace. 

It should be

Hatha yoga

Yoga teacher training

There are many varieties of yoga. One of the most popular is called hatha yoga. This style focuses on using your hands to perform each pose, which is done parallel to the ground.

There are a number of poses that use the hands frontally. You will learn these first before moving onto more challenging backbends.

These include:

Side-angle bend forward holds

Alligator hold (right arm)

Chickney kick (left leg)

Bent over ladybug (both legs)

Child's push up (arms)

Jelly roll position (abdominals)

Basic baby’s bottom squeeze (internal/external)

Cow face hold (torso rotation)

Plank position (leg lift)


These moves help you gain stability and confidence by being able to perform them with ease.

You will also practice breathing patterns that promote peace and health.

Ashtanga yoga

Yoga teacher training

If you are looking for an intensive practice to improve your body, mind, and soul, then ashtiaga yoga may be what you're searching for.

Ashtiga yoga is one of the most popular forms of yogawith more than 80,000 students worldwide. It is a sequenceof 12 poses that when practiced together creates a full cycle (or vinyasa) of breath.

Each pose is held for several rounds, usually continuing until the person practicing it can no longer use their legs. The idea is to build strength and stamina by doing each pose multiple times.

To accommodate all levels, the ashi template is very common in this class. Students are always encouraged to go at their own pace and try things themselves because the teacher is there to help but also leaves them to work out whatever problems they have.

Also people tend to stay in the class long which helps keep them motivated.

Some teachers like to put emphasis on movement versus breathing which makes sense since movement is important but breathing is not.

Dealing with obstacles

Yoga teacher training

As mentioned earlier, becoming a yoga teacher is a huge step. No matter what level you are planning to teach, there will be difficult days, weeks, months…. Years. That’s part of being human.

Dealing with your setbacks is a valuable skill that many people don’t get enough practice doing.

As yogis, we have the ultimate tool for overcoming difficulty: silence.

There are several ways to achieve silent period. They can all help you deal with whatever challenge you are facing.

Recognizing your purpose

Yoga teacher training

In order to better serve yourself, you must recognize your purpose. Your reason for taking yoga teacher training is probably something deep within that wants to be freed.

Whatever your reasons are, they need to motivate you to take this journey.

Many people choose to take teacher training because they wished someone had helped them find their passion earlier. Maybe you feel like your teachers haven’t been motivating enough or have made you give up fun hobbies in favor of pursuing what makes you happy.

If this has been you or anyone around you then please know we were right there with you. We made many mistakes too!

But now I will help you put together a plan that works for you

Being a good listener


When you’re listening, your brain knows to work, but only the visual part is used. The ears are very sensitive, so sounds have an overhead component.

When people talk, they use 20-30 words per sentence. But we only hear about 20 of those words! So when someone talks, the rest is making an assumption that the visual part of the message is understood.

We get away with it because we don’t pay much attention to what others say. But when you do listen hard, you can learn a lot.

If you take notes, you can also combine the two parts of your mind into one task. Paying close attention to something makes you more aware of it. And being aware of something means you will remember it.

This is why listeners are better equipped to recall information than nonlisteners. In fact, studies show that participants who practice taking notes in lecture, class discussions, or interviews are more apt to be prepared for any situation.

You should also know that great speakers attract their audiences by talking slowly. If you want to become a better speaker, then you need to understand that speed is not important. People have a tendency to like them and to believe what they have to say.

Also, paying attention to other peoples' thoughts and feelings is a way to make them feel reassured and comfortable. At the same time, people will trust you more if you show interest in them.

Follow your heart

Yoga teacher training

There are as many different styles of yoga as there are teachers. And because every teacher practices their own version of yoga, it’s impossible to say which one is best.

All I can do is recommend what has worked for me over the years and tell you that you should follow your heart wherever it leads you.

The rest is up to you.

You could read a book on yoga lessons or spend hours watching YouTube videos.

Maybe you feel drawn to try some kind of practice, or maybe you just want to learn more about this lifestyle you’re going into. Who cares how you get there, as long as you enjoy the journey?

Forget perfectionism, productivity happens when we pour our heart into what we do.

I call these things “productivity habits” because they happen whether we put effort into them or not.

Whether you choose to work hard or hard depends on why you want to move forward. Shall we talk about them?


Productivity habits consist of all those tasks that we tend to neglect but still need to be done. They include making phone calls, sending emails, writing letters, etc.

Some people have daily rituals that help them start their day on a good note. You may share similar habits with someone else.

What if you could use a little inspiration in your life to help you begin each day on a better note? How

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