Professional Centers Offering Yoga Teacher Training Courses In Rishikesh


Origins of yoga

Although people practice different styles of yoga, all forms involve here today, learning how to breathe, relax and focus on your meditation. These are keys to relaxation at end.

Becoming a teacher is an incredible way to help others achieve what you have found peace with yourself. You can inspire and guide hundreds or even thousands of people through your classes, interviews, and tutorials.

Classes are usually 25 minutes long, so you can fit it anywhere – nap time, drive time, work time, exercise time!

History of yoga

Ancient forms of yoga have been practiced for many years throughout Asia. The most well-known type of yoga is Tibetan Buddhism, but various ancient forms of yoga lives today, as well data suggests that they help improve flexibility and balance.

These practices include yogasanas (for example vajrasana), pranayamas (for instance jalneti) and mudra.

Professional Centers Offering Yoga Teacher Training Courses In Rishikesh

Many people are familiar with yoga as portrayed by Hollywood, making it one of the biggest contributors to the global growth of yoga. However, millions of Indians practice yoga every day.

It all comes down to culture, something that western cultures understand through application of the scientific method. We can learn from the wisdom of those who came before us.

Science of yoga

The science of yoga is not something that can be easily taught. It involves lots of practioner experience to understand the physical and psychological benefits of asanas and pranayamas.

However, you can learn how to teach this practice through our teacher training programs. Our certified instructors will help you build a solid foundation for teaching the health and relaxation skills of yoga.

You’ll also study anatomy, physiology, psychology, and self-care routines to promote healing and wellness. You may also learn meditation practices to increase awareness and calm your mind.

Qualifications: None but valuable qualifications include a strong interest in health and fitness, an open mind, ability to work independently, pursuit of professional development, leadership qualities, valid certification, and proof of prior education.

Certification: As a student in our yoga instructor program, you will need to pass a final exam given by our office manager and head teacher during the last week of instruction. Her name is Ms Labidi, she is very nice! 

Yogic exercises

Although yoga is often perceived as a form of meditation, it also incorporates physical moves that target all kinds of muscles. These mixes of cardio workouts and strength training are called yoga poses or stances.

Yogi practitioners perform these poses to strengthen your entire body, from neck to leg. They are also designed to encourage you feel more calm and relaxed.

These include chants, breathing techniques, and some standing positions where you can focus on your feet or hands. You also shift between lying down and sitting up during this training session.

Data shows that resting heart rate is lower after just one week of practicing yogic lessons. This helps lengthen your life by reducing cholesterol and blood pressure. A study conducted over 2 years found that those who practiced yoga weekly had a 25% lower risk of mortality than others.

That’s why we chose to emphasize rests since they help make your life longer. We call them “breaks” because they offer another option for feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

We know people crave movement and change, so we opted not to have classes every day. Rest breaks allow you to take a walk, swim, ride your bike, or attend a class workshop. By having rest periods, you’re able to enjoy yourself and look forward to each break.

Daily activities to practice yoga

Living at the YMT Centre, well-known for its therapeutic benefits, is like going back in time 20 years.

You will experience India’s beautiful culture, food habits, and unique people.

Called “The Retreat”, this hotel has 5 stars rating on Airbnb (the holiday rental app)

This luxury property is located in Rishikesh, Uttarakhand, India.

It boasts of having some of the best spa services around along with various treatment options and day tours.

Surrounded by mountains, this place is also known for its meditation sessions and other relaxation techniques.

With all the comforts of home included, you can even stay here as long as you want!

Study questions


Since 2010, we have offered several exciting yoga training courses at ProHealth Fitness Center in Rishikesh. Our instructors share your passion for health and wellness with you, but they also know how to have some fun!

We’ve got lots of great tips that will help you improve your fitness level, as well as helpful hours of meditation practice. You can look forward to many healthy habits that you’re willing to invest in, including eating more plants, learning new skills, and much more.

These are wonderful ways to connect to yourself and your environment, as well as everyone else around you. All of our teachers are trained and certified, so if you need support from them or their team, know that they provide it.

Most students prefer taking one of our classes instead of doing an individual session at the studio. This is because the whole staff behind the scenes cares about you and your progress directly.

There’s no better way to learn something than by actually doing it versus reading about it. Any class during your time here at ProHealth would be especially meaningful.

Consider joining a weekly exercise group led by qualified professionals. Surrounding communities offer all sorts of activities to promote strength and endurance, ease pain, and aid sleep.

Some of these include walking groups, yoga groups, aqua aerobics classes, and weight lifting sessions. Find out what works best for you!

Partner with a great company

Finding a good partner is very important when it comes to investing your time and money in any business opportunity. You will be working with this company throughout the life of your partnership.

You want to make sure they are a fun, loving person to work with; after all, you will spend nearly half of your waking hours at this job.

Likewise, you should feel comfortable asking others for help who works with the company. I spoke with someone last week about teaching yoga, and she said the studio always looks for people who love yoga and teach it.

These are things you want to look for if you decide to invest your time and energy into learning how to be a yoga instructor.

Start a business

If you are thinking about teaching yoga, but aren’t sure if this is what you want to do, then perhaps helping people through practicing yoga is more your thing.

You can start with just giving advice or maybe being a teacher for someone else. Over time, work your way up the ladder as you learn new skills and gain experience.

There are many ways to help people through practice of yoga. You can get certified by the Center For Sports Medicine and offer yoga classes at local health clubs or communities.

Many businesses also have programs where they will pay you to train as a yoga instructor. Check out the various opportunities available before making a choice.

Enjoy the benefits of yoga

With more than 200,000 practitioners worldwide, it’s no secret that practicing yoga is very beneficial for health. But did you know that with some training, you can also teach others how to practice?

Teaching yogis provides an extensive certification program where they are educated in both medicine and yoga theory. During this 5-week course, students learn practical skills as well as herbal treatments and dietary recommendations to help enhance body and mind.

Since everyone is different, not all classes are the same. So if you are interested in becoming a yoga instructor, visit our website or give us a call today to set up one of these unique experiences.