The Best Hatha Yoga Teacher Training In India

Health is the greatest asset of the human beings that requires the utmost care, and a regular exercise regimen is essential for ensuring a healthier living.

But the hectic lifestyle of the people makes them avoid taking attention towards their health, and as a consequence, they fall sick frequently.

They have become addicted to awful habits like smoking, drinking, etc. that are posing a threat to their life!

To get rid of them, you will surely seek the medical assistance that involves intake of massive doses of the antibiotics.

But what if you will get the natural way of getting your fitness back in shape and freedom from all the bad habits?

Yes, you heard it right! Hatha yoga is the ultimate solution for your problems that will make you free from the unnecessary cravings of alcohol, tobacco, cigarettes, etc. if any and removes the toxins from the body very well by purifying it.

Moreover, if you have insomnia or finding difficulty in sleeping, then Hatha yoga is an apt choice that will make your body to achieve the harmony that is imperative for the relaxation.  

Now, the main question arises that which training institute to consider for learning this form of art?

Yoga With Raj is supposed to be the best institute for the Hatha yoga teacher training in India and the perfect destination if you have a desire of learning this technique.

Our Vision

The sole purpose is to increase the awareness of the yoga amongst the people that guarantee peace in the mind and flexibility in the body.

Yoga Teacher Training in Hampi

Why Prefer us for the Hatha Yoga Teacher Training in India?

  • We are an affiliated Yoga Teacher Training Institute in India that promotes the importance of staying fit and encourages people to adopt yoga in their daily life.
  • The location on which our training institute is centered is ideal for performing yoga because of the tranquillity in the environment that gives the positive vibes.
  • We have highly-trained teachers who master this art and will instruct you in the best possible way whenever you get stuck.

We have become a renowned name in a short span of time and counted as one of the best platforms for the Hatha yoga teacher training in India.

We firmly believe that the right form of teaching is a must in yoga as every asana has a Science behind it which only a knowledgeable person is aware of and that’s what our teachers possess.

If you are on a quest for the place that provides the Hatha yoga teacher training in India, then do consider us as we are experts in teaching this form with perfection.

Without any delay, just visit our place, and we are sure of the fact that you will definitely fall in love with the scenic beauty of Hampi and join our 200 hours yoga teacher training course.

For any doubt, please feel free to contact us. We will be more than happy to help you!

All your queries will be answered straight away!

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04 December 2017 - Apply

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One of the best choices if you want to practice yoga in Dharamsala. There are classes for advanced students and beginners and all the teachers are good. The classes are about an hour and you really feel relaxed after. The music is quiet and it’s helping you calm down and release the stress even before the class begins.

~ Jemmajemma

I love the friendly atmosphere that comes with this yoga place. I just feel relaxed there perhaps due to the music that plays. I’ve never missed a class which is unlikely for me, but this yoga studio is so appealing that I just want to go there again and again.
I have learned a lot of things and physical exercises from "Yoga with Raj" Yoga School.

~ Kristyna HorakovaKristyna Horakova