About Yoga Teacher Training in Dharamsala

Yoga with Raj Teacher Training School – A Yoga Alliance USA Registered Yoga School is your way to an abode of tranquility, contentment, and bliss are charged down on the Yoga with Raj School. raj yoga teacher training schoolrys 200 yoga alliance logoYes, Yoga with Raj Yoga School is your destination if you wish illumination of life. One of the most inspiring professional yoga training institutes in India, Yoga with Raj Yoga School is located at beautiful celestial locations like Arambol (Goa), and Dharamsala (Himalayas). We offer 200-hours holistic and deeply researched Yoga Teacher Training Course (TTC) that had originated almost a century ago. All our courses are registered with Yoga Alliance. Students who are certified from our school will be able to register with Yoga Alliance as RYT 200 (Registered Yoga Teacher).

People these days in the fast paced life want to learn and get everything in the blink of an eye. People carry a lot of fascination for learning yoga but they at times opt for Yoga DVD’s, few day’s workshops, seminars etc and think that they shall become the masters of Yoga but in reality, they don’t even grasp a percent of real Yoga. This loophole is removed by us. Our training and pedagogy is our USP. We treasure Gurus who are geniuses in their field and who have been practicing Yoga for a long time and possess profound knowledge in the field. We teach multi-style yoga that enhances the reflexes of an individual. All the techniques are tried and tested and belong to original ancient Yoga Science. Our philosophy of Yoga is just not limited to asanas but it is weaved with Yamas, Niyamas, Pranayama, attentiveness, meditation techniques, and mindfulness. raj yoga teacher training school

At Yoga with Raj, the bars SQ, EQ and IQ of the learner is raised tremendously. With Antar Yoga, you will experience unforgettable moments of Yoga practice in incredible and sacred India – the motherland of Yoga.

Our Studio

The studio has a warmth. It’s inviting and comfortable, most probably from the 1000’s of classes taught within. The energy of past and present students and teachers live here. It’s rich in this history, this energy of Yoga. You can feel it. The Yoga. Our teachers are diverse. They come from different styles and backgrounds. Both as students and teachers. Yoga is for everybody so it’s important that we cater to all types of students.

As a student of The Yoga with Raj Yoga School, we encourage that you find a teacher who meets your needs and that you feel a connection to them and the way they teach. To benefit from Yoga the student needs to practice. This is essential. Without a regular practice, it is impossible for the teacher to teach you. There will be no progress, no Yoga. It will always be a struggle for both teacher and student. The benefits of Yoga come to those that have a willingness to practice. Only when the student and teacher enter into this mutual relationship can there be progress and an understanding of Yoga.

Come early, at least 10 minutes. Be keen. You can use our mats, there free. But after a few weeks buy one. It’s a good investment in your future.

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