Vinyasa Yoga is a form of Yoga which has often termed as Flow Yoga because a person can move from one posture to another easily with the help of breath. It is a style of Yoga which is branded by winding postures together. Sometimes people get confused it with “Power Yoga.”

This special yoga has so many postures to offer that no one would ever find it monotonous. However, there are some forms of Yoga which have same fixed postures every day such as “Bikram Yoga.”
By following the same postures every day, your body may get hit by recurring motion injuries. However, changing nature of Vinyasa Yoga makes a person’s body more developed and flexible.

“Yoga with Raj” offers special teacher training program in Vinyasa Yoga which is also known as ashtanga yoga or Ashtanga Vinyasa in which body movement coordinated with the breath. In this Yoga form, holding time of a pose depends on the stretching level, the deeper stretches have a shorter holding time, and the gentle stretches have a longer holding time. This Yoga basically includes all kinds of poses like core strength, back bend, forward bend, inversion, and twisting. This Yoga form will strengthen your body by following ways:

• Increasing Stamina
• Building Strength
• Activate Mind
• Removes Laziness
• Enhancing Flexibility
• Removes Blockages

Main points of Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training in India

• Every day two Vinyasa yoga teacher training classes in India at our Institute.
• Meditation and pranayama classes incorporated into Vinyasa preparing.
• Life systems and Physiology class centering Vinyasa.
• Yoga theory of Vinyasa alongside the source of Vinyasa yoga in India.
• 27-night stay including 3-suppers and tea.
• Ashtanga Vinyasa essential series will be educated by us.
• Outfitted with every single important facility like Wi-Fi, Café, and Phone card, Washing Machine.
• Best Vinyasa yoga educators group.

Benefits of Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training in India:

There are so many benefits of Vinyasa Yoga Training in India, but some most important of all is as follows:
Good Immunity: Vinyasa yoga improves immunity by draining lymph in the lymphatic system through contracting and stretching muscles, thus disposing of the toxins of the body.
Increases Blood Flow: Vinyasa Yoga allows more oxygen to reach your blood cells resulting in increased blood flow and overall body functions.
Enhances Concentration: By performing Vinyasa Yoga regularly, a person increases his concentration level manifold. Meditation has shown to improve synchronization, response time, retention power and I-Q problem solving and memory.

Get the Yoga Training in the Exotic Locations like Goa and Dharamsala

There is no better place to practice yoga in an environment that is filled with tranquility and calms down your senses also relieves the stress to a greater extent.
If you are questing for such locations then Goa and Dharamsala is the perfect fit that guarantees ultimate satisfaction to the people.
Goa being the most desirable spot for the vacations possess a tropical climate throughout the year which is considered to be super-suited for performing yoga classes.
Dharamsala is located in such surroundings that are far from the hustle-bustle of life where a person can meditate without any disturbance and you will fall in love with the scenic beauty out there.

Why Us?

Yoga with Raj Yoga School was established in 2016 by Yogacharya Raj and his companion Yogi Bharat from a want to impart the endowment of yoga to others. Yoga with Raj has over a time of the best yoga instruction programs and has prepared several very qualified yoga instructors.

The educational modules for this teacher training incorporates basic warm-up systems for organs and joints, sun salutation, Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga, AcroYoga, Power yoga, Prenatal yoga, traditional yoga procedures, pranayama, profound unwinding strategies and yoga Nidra methods, stress management, strategies to create quality and adaptability, and bandhas, which are viewed as a vital part of both Hatha and Kundalini yoga.