Hatha Yoga Pradeepika

Hatha Yoga Pradeepika

The benefits of the Hatha yoga

Hatha yoga has become popular since some days. This is also one forms of yoga that people are following severely. Ha in Hatha means the SUN while the letters tha mean the MOON. This way of performing yoga is also known as Hatha vidya. For the meaning is can be known that this is a yoga that brings the opposites closer. This is also the oldest form of Yoga that was invented by a maharishi called Swatmarama in around 15th century. But this is being followed even today. It is also known to have several health benefits like the normal yoga asana.

What is Hatha Yoga?

Many youth groups are following the Hatha yoga nowadays because it seems to have many benefits. The Hatha is different than the normal ones. The hatha yoga has several exercises that are different than the normal ones. There is gentle or slow exercise and there is no flow in the asana that you perform. They are still with some slow Breathing and stretching exercises. This also consists of the meditation session that is done in a sitting posture. There are more hands gestures and movements. This is apt for those who are beginning with the Yoga lessons. The exercise that is light, low stress and more relaxed is more comfortable to follow.

Hatha Yoga for the youth

Yoga has become a favorite choice for the youth. They are finding this way to exercising to be more beneficial and fast. They seem to find it relaxing and giving a relax feeling to their mind. This has become very popular since health issues have been more of concern nowadays. In the while, there are some people who think this yoga to be very slow and late process. They think that meditation and yoga are slow for them and they need a faster process of exercising.

The basics of Yoga

Hatha yoga is known to the basic i.e. the ABC of yoga. This is taught in the beginning for those who are new to it. It is fun for many as the exercises are light and effective in many ways. Each and every exercise has its own benefit. There are a lot of postures in the hatha yoga and each of it has its own significance. Generally, this yoga is done in a sitting posture. The main aim of the Hatha yoga is to maintain a balance between the mind and the body. It also tries to make your spiritual elements even more free and strong. This makes your inner conscious even stronger.


Generally while performing the Hatha yoga you will be asked to perform several breathing exercises, stretching exercise, meditation and also pranayama. All of these have several postures and meanings. There are several trainers who can help you learn the Hatha yoga. They make it easy for you to learn all the asana well and to attain the complete benefit of these. The only thing you need to do is to find a good yoga trainer you yourself. Hatha yoga is the initial stage and there are several stages ahead.